Elect Helen Alli

Congress (HR) 7th District



  Elect Helen Alli to Congress.  She's working with Community Leaders as the Chair of the Legislative Committee for The Crusade for Voters to support a bill introduced in the Senate by Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner to Modernize Richmond Public Schools so that our children will have a fair opportunity to advance.  Thanks to this collaboration with bipartisan support and the collection of more than 16,000 signatures, the School Modernization Act was on the ballot and 85% of the residents voted  in support of the bill this past election.   This $500,000,000  initiative could renovate Richmond Public Schools and bring 1000's of jobs to Central Virginia.  
     Helen Alli is a fighter and she will fight for the citizens in the 7th District.  She's a Veteran of the United States Army and a Small Business owner in the healthcare industry.  She understands the challenges small businesses experience competing with large corporations while trying to increase profits and create jobs.  Helen was appointed to the Board of the Richmond Economic Development Authority to promote business start-up and expansion opportunities in the Richmond Area.
     We need Helen Alli in the House of Representatives fighting for us.  She's already a Community Leader advocating for job opportunities, healthcare, small business, and education.  We need her in Washington working for all of us.  Helen Alli wants to build a strong economy that works for everyone.  She wants to create a budget that doesn't break the backs of the working class.  Helen is traveling throughout our District and Country meeting our leaders to enable her to make change and push us forward.   Let's send Helen Alli to Congress to work for us!